The Right Product for the Right Application

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As a leading manufacturer of polyethylene films, liners and sacks.
We strive to create the best products for our customers.

Strechhood Wrap Lining

Stretch Hooding

5 Layer extrusion technology for maximum elasticity.

Mitre Seal Sack

Mitre Seal

Non entrapment liners and bags to reduce waste and contamination.

SWS-5 Muliti Layered Film

SWS-5 Multi-Layered Film

Co-extrusion up to 5 layers,
widths up to 2.6 metres.

SWS-5 Form Fill and Seal

SWS-5 Form Fill and Seal

3 and 5 layer films for automated
filling and packaging

SWS-5 Form Fill and Seal

SC/5 Manual
Stretch Cap

5 layer extrusion technology
for maximum elasticity

SWS-5 Form Fill and Seal

Tube on a Roll

Film on a roll for automated
packaging machines


The alternative to cardboard with up to 50% cost savings.

LeakGuard Lining

LeakGuard® Sacks

Refuse sacks with outstanding seal performance

LeakGuard Lining

Heathcare and
Clinical Waste Sacks

Used in healthcare and specialist clinical waste collection

SWS-5 Muliti Layered Film

Excel High Quality
Refuse Sacks


SWS-5 Form Fill and Seal

M-Series Refuse and
Recycling Sacks

High performance bags
for waste management

3C Compostable Caddy Liner

3C Compostable

Fully compostable bags made from renewable resources.